Who or what is The Big House? 
Get to know us a little better …

The Big House is…

Made of People

The Big House is a group of people, of different ages, experiences and backgrounds, who share three core things:

  • A longing for all young people on the island of Ireland to know they are loved, valued and cared for, no matter what they are going through.
  • A vision of a better future that we believe God has invited us to work with him to bring about, a vision of a Big House.
  • A Christain faith that shapes all we are and all we do, it defines our values, motivates, directs and empowers us.

To get to know us, read our mission, vision and values, they aren’t bland corporate statements, they are our genes, making us who we are.

Our Mission

The Big House exists to help young people know
God’s love as they encounter Jesus and are cared
for by the church, especially when life is difficult.

Our Vision

PLACE that any young person can come to, no matter what is going on in their lives. Somewhere surrounded by the beauty and power of God displayed in creation.

The PEOPLE here belong to God, they know and share his love; welcoming, accepting, listening to, and caring for everyone who comes to stay.

God’s PRESENCE can be felt here, there is fun and laughter, tears and healing, freedom and singing, peace and hope. Many young people have life-changing encounters with Jesus.

PRAYER is the foundation The Big House stands upon. It fills the place, shapes and empowers the people, invites God’s presence and releases his power to change lives.

This is the picture God has put in our hearts of what we believe he wants to provide for young people in Ireland.

The Vision of The Big House

A vision for our place and yours.

It not only a picture of a residential centre, it is a picture of what our churches and youth groups can be, especially for young people when they are struggling.
Pursuing our vision means helping our churches and youth groups become these places, and working with God to build a residential centre that looks and feels like this for all those who visit it.

Our Values

Our values are the beliefs which shape all that we do, including our priorities, attitudes and behaviour.

The values of The Big House are rooted in our Christian faith.


We want to treat people as Jesus did, with compassion, kindness, and gentleness.


Our role is to serve the church by helping local Christian communities care well for young people.


We want every young person to feel welcome, accepted, valued, listened to, safe and able to receive help.

Excellence & Accountability

We are committed to providing the best service and resources we can and to being honest, genuine, diligent and accountable.


We believe God can bring hope and positive change, in any circumstances, by natural and supernatural means and he chooses to use his people in this work.

Dependent on God

We depend on God to guide us, provide what we need to follow him and to transform lives through what we do. We practice this dependence through prayer.


We aim to provide help which is needed because it is not currently easy to find or to contribute to the work of others through collaboration and partnership.


We believe God cares about all people, regardless of their beliefs, background or lifestyle and about their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and we are to do the same.


Believing the Christian faith to be genuinely benecial for everyone, we seek to share it sensitively with others.

The Big House is…

A Charity

This group of people takes the form of a charity, a non-profit organisation, registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (ref. NIC100047). We are governed by a Board of Directors, have a small staff team and depend on volunteers and supporters to deliver what we do.

Our Staff Team

Along with our volunteers, the work of The Big House is developed, delivered and supported by a small team of part-time staff:

  • Angela Minion – Acting Project Director
  • David Rock – Strategic Development Director
  • Katherine Dickson – Programme Worker
  • Jenny Christie – Listening Space Counsellor
  • Colin Cochrane – Finance & Communications Officer
  • Ashleigh Cairns – Office Administrator
  • Nadia Jewhurst – Prayer Co-ordinator

Our Board of Directors

Our Board ensures that we do the right things, pursuing our mission, vision, and values; and do things right, acting within our values, responsibilities and the law. Our Board of Directors (or Trustees) are:

  • Mr David Dunlop
  • Mr Stephen Cave
  • Mr David Ferguson
  • Mrs Kathryn Harte
  • Prof Dame Judith Hill
  • Mr Ashley Parks

If you like what we do, join in, we need you!

The work of The Big House depends on volunteers and supporters. The more people who pray, give and volunteer, the more we can do.