Jesus said: “Are you tired? Worn Out? Burnt out on religion?
Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.”
Matt 11:28-30 (MSG)

What a journey we embarked on together at Beautiful 2018. An unforgettable Big House weekend shared with incredible young women, in the breathtaking surroundings of WhitePark Bay.

At Beautiful, our passionate and visionary team understand that life is a journey which can feel difficult and confusing at times. Sometimes this can make us feel unsure about who we are, what our future will be like or helpful steps which we can take when the road feels harder.

The heart of Beautiful 2018 was quite simply to get away. To take some space, and to… breathe! To momentarily take some space away from our everyday life and accept Jesus’ invitation to journey with Him (even if just for the weekend). It was a time to explore together the hope and life-giving promises which He offers us along the way, especially if and when the road feels harder.

Beautiful provided an opportunity to explore and taste the freedom of life with Jesus (living life freely and lightly) and how through Him we can accept our true identity, as well as our value and worth. Recognising that in Jesus, we are loved, accepted, forgiven, strong, created for a purpose and marvellously made; fully loved and fully known. What a reason to celebrate at camp!

Breathing in God’s promises on Beautiful 2018 looked different for each young woman. The programme was jam-packed, including our main gatherings, life stories, games, crafts, journaling, worship sessions and drama. To allow time for reflection there was an intricately designed interactive prayer room as well as The Listening Space (a service where the young people can go and chat through anything that was on their mind – no matter how big or small).

Beautiful was a whole lot of fun, and throughout the weekend we were delighted to partner with additional people and organisations who reminded us of God’s hope in our different journeys. Amanda from Fun with Drums noisily kick-started our Saturday morning and prepared us for a full day ahead. Beth and Nyasha from The Surf Project facilitated team building activities for us on a very wet and windy White Park Bay – teaching us the importance of supporting one another. Kate Richardson also came to share her inspiring story (over afternoon tea) of rowing across the Atlantic in aid of Human Trafficking and the difficulties she faced in the journey, as well as God’s help in the storm.

Words cannot express the overwhelming sense of God moving in the lives of all who were there and bringing Hope and Recovery. This reverberated through the feedback forms and comments:

“He has reminded me that I am fully loved and fully known…”
“He has shown me no matter what, He is there for me”
“I was struggling with mental health and this has inspired me to speak out”
“I have a newfound sense of peace, calm and hope despite life’s waves”

Of the 18 young women:

18 feel inspired
18 feel encouraged
16 feel more confident in their Identity in God
18 had fun
17 feel more hopeful
18 feel closer to God
16 have learnt new skills for coping with difficulty.

Whilst on camp, the Beautiful team were so aware of the prayers which were surrounding themselves and the young women. Thank you for all your prayers for camp, enabling us to see God at work. Please do continue to pray with us for all the young women and leaders on Beautiful 2018 – enabling them to claim God’s promises for their everyday life journeys.

“Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.”
Matt 11:28-30 (MSG)