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SHAKEN was developed in partnership with Connor Diocese and funded by the Church of Ireland Priorities Fund.

We all feel shaken sometimes. Sometimes difficult things happen and we don’t know what to do, or how we feel.

SHAKEN is a resource is designed to help you make good choices to live well when life shakes you. 

We will be posting 20 Healthy Coping Mechanisms from SHAKEN, two each week, on social media and below on our blog. Try them all and discover which ones work best for you!

SHAKEN was developed in partnership with Connor Diocese and funded by the Church of Ireland Priorities Fund.

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SHAKEN 17. Make Space

When life feels full-on or overwhelming, it can be difficult for us to feel in control. During these times, you may find it helpful to make space in your physical surroundings and in your mind. When life feels full-on, take...

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SHAKEN 16. Bless

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year the theme is Kindness. Being kind to yourself, but also being kind to others. Sometimes the most surprising, but helpful thing we can do when we feel overwhelmed by our difficult situation...

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SHAKEN 15. Cry

Most of us don’t like crying and are embarrassed to. But sometimes the healthiest thing we can do when we are feeling hurt or overwhelmed is to cry and let those feelings out. God made our tears so as we could cry when we needed to. When...

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SHAKEN 14. Stress Ball

Some people find it helpful to have busy hands when they feel stressed or anxious. You could try and make yourself a stress ball and see if busy hands help relax your mind! How to make a stress ball: you can use a balloon, stretch it out,...

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SHAKEN 13. Breathe

Breathing! It is not as silly as it sounds! Sometimes we need to pause what we are doing, and let our whole body breathe properly! It can help to calm your body and settle stressed or racing thoughts. The Bible even talks about how it is...

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SHAKEN 12. Sleep Well

All of us need different amounts of sleep. Our minds and hearts need us to be asleep to help understand and cope with what has happened in our days. Our bodies need sleep to grow and be re-energized. So getting enough sleep is really...

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SHAKEN 11. Relax Well

Our bodies, minds and hearts need given the right things to be healthy and time off that restores our energy and life. In the same way that we need to recharge our devices – we need time to rest and recharge. Even Jesus took time away from...

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SHAKEN 10. Eat Well

Our bodies, minds and hearts need to be given the right things to be healthy. Let’s start with what you can give your body – healthy food and drinks. You don’t have to be a professional chef to create good and nourishing meals and snacks....

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You may not feel like having fun, but actually taking a little time to do something you enjoy can help settle your worried mind, or upset heart when you have talked to God or someone else about your feelings. You will have your own ideas,...

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SHAKEN 8. Move

Moving can help break an intense or difficult moment. God made us with awesome bodies. It is healthy to have 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Physical activity helps us to feel better about ourselves, improves mood, sleep and...

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