Young people exploring things they find difficult, with a trained counsellor, and receiving support to make positive decisions and changes.

Our counselling service is called The Listening Space.

Our counsellors are all qualified and experienced, they are trained to listen without judgement or criticism; they are also Christians. So, if you want to include your Christian faith in the conversation you can, but only if you want to. The service is open to any young person aged 12 to 18 years old, regardless of their beliefs or background.

“She (counsellor) really listened to me, and for the first time ever I felt understood.”

In 2 ½ years The Listening Space provided 475 counselling sessions to 47 young people, dealing with issues including depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, bullying, low self-esteem, abuse, suicidal thoughts and family change.

“I was able to stop self-harming, I didn’t think I ever would.”

The Listening Space is not open at moment.

We are recruiting for a new counsellor so that The Listening Space can open again soon, hopefully after the summer.
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We will be delighted to begin providing counselling again soon, BUT we only have enough funding for 1 year!
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Phone:  028 9066 4300


Address: 12-14 Elmwood Ave, Belfast, BT9 6AY