Talking is how we get to know one another better. It is part of God’s design for us to live well!
For some people, it is hard to say the things we think or feel. For others, it is easier. But most people find it difficult to talk about things that make them feel sad or hurt. Some things will make it easier to talk. We want to help you with that – because talking is a really important part of learning how to cope and live well in life.

In the Bible, we even see Jesus (God’s son) making space to talk whenever he was facing a tough time. We read that Jesus talked to God, and he also talked to his friends on earth.

So that is what we are going to be exploring this week – talking to God, and talking to others.

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You are important to God.
You are worth knowing.
You have value.
What you think and feel is really important to God.

God is always with you.
God is always ready to listen.
He has seen all that has happened, and understands.
In any moment you can talk honestly with Him – tell Him how you are feeling, ask Him to help you in that moment.

God loves it when we talk to Him. Not only does The Bible urge us to pray every day (1 Thessalonians 5:17), but we are also reminded that God yearns for us to chat with Him about everything and anything (Philippians 4:6). This includes telling Him about our good days and giving thanks, as well as voicing our difficulties, worries or concerns. Our God is a promise keeper, and when we pray to Him we know that He hears us and cares for how we feel (Psalm 17:6). This can especially help us in hard times as we will recognise that we are not alone – God is with us!

Praying can look different for everyone, it is important to find your own rhythm for getting up close and personal with God. Here are a few ideas (they’re on teh card below too):

  • Keep a prayer notebook where you can write your prayers, or doodles (or anything that is on your mind) to God.
  • Go for a walk and talk with God as you take each step, what can you see, smell or hear that you can give thanks to God for creating?
  • Read your favourite Bible passage, and take time to pray each line. You could try this with a Psalm.
  • Listen to a worship song and use the words to begin your time with God.
  • Create a picture of what is on your heart, whilst being aware of God’s presence with you.

You can be confident that in however way you choose to pray and spend time with God, He understands your words, He knows how you are feeling and He is present with you

Here are some examples of what you might like to say, but you can pray in any way you want to.

  • Jesus, you are also called Prince of Peace, would you give me your peace now as I am feeling anxious.
  • Jesus, you are called Wonderful Counsellor, would you come and be my comfort and counsellor now please.
  • Jesus, you calmed storms, please calm this storm in my heart and mind.
  • Jesus you helped anyone who asked you to in the Bible, so please do the same for me and help me now.

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Talk to God - Ideas Card