Our bodies, minds and hearts need given the right things to be healthy and time off that restores our energy and life.

In the same way that we need to recharge our devices – we need time to rest and recharge. Even Jesus took time away from the business of life and the crowds, to rest.

We all relax in different ways. It is good to learn how to relax and work out what helps you relax. Is it relaxation techniques? Arts and crafts? Walking? Chatting to friends? Watching a feel good movie? What could you try as a new way of relaxing?

It might be creating or listening to music – you could check out our Big House Spotify Playlist and see if it helps you relax or create your own!

We also need to spot the things that stop us relaxing and remove them! Is there an app on your phone making you feel stressed or anxious – then how about deleting it? It is ok to disconnect from our phones at times.

Try taking 30 minutes or an hour today to simply relax.