All of us need different amounts of sleep. Our minds and hearts need us to be asleep to help understand and cope with what has happened in our days. Our bodies need sleep to grow and be re-energized. So getting enough sleep is really important!

It can be hard to sleep if you feel worried or anxious. It can help to ask God to look after your worries for you and to help you sleep. It can also help to do something relaxing before you try to sleep. A hot drink, relaxing bath, feel good book?

Psalm 121 tells us that our ‘Guardian God won’t fall asleep. Not on your life!’ Our Guardian God ‘will never doze or sleep.’ As we trust that God is looking after us – being our guardian, we can begin to relax to sleep. He will watch and look after us as we sleep.

A Challenge: Phones, TV, computers, in fact any screen alters our mind and makes it more difficult to relax and sleep. So it is really important to turn these off an hour before you are going to sleep. It is okay, and in fact healthy, to disconnect at times! If you can spot an app that makes you feel stressed, why don’t you delete it?  Don’t let your phone be in charge of how you feel!

Sleep Well!