We can explore what God says about difficulty by reading about Jesus (God’s son) in the bible. Jesus shows us what God is like.

When Jesus was on earth he helped the poor, reached out to the outcasts, and even made blind people see. When we read about how Jesus treated people who were facing tough times, then we can see what He says about the difficulties we are facing right now today in our lives.

There is an incredible story in the book of Mark in chapter 4 verse 35 (check it out). In the passage Jesus is in a little fishing boat with His friends, when suddenly a huge, scary and tremendous storm appears out of nowhere. The waves are crashing over the boat and everyone (apart from Jesus) is absolutely terrified.

Do you feel like Jesus’ friends in that boat today? Frightened, worried, anxious? I wonder what are the storms and waves that are crashing in your mind? But this story shows us what God says about difficulty – God says, “I am with you!”

In the storm in the passage Jesus is present. Jesus was in the boat with his friends – never once did He leave them.
In the exact same way – God is with you today in your storms, your difficulties, your worries that you face . He will never leave you.

Jesus went on to calm the storm, showing us God’s power. We are glad that God is the same today, He hasn’t changed.
He is with you – no matter who you are, where you are from, or whatever you are facing or feeling right now . God is with you, you are not alone.

Check out our bible reflections below to help you go deeper into investigating more about what God says about difficulty.

Bible reflection 1

BIBLE REFLECTION #1 – What does God say about difficulty?

  • Read Mark 4:35-41
  • The disciples are terrified by the wind and the waves. What are the things causing uneasy thoughts in your life?
  • Where is Jesus in the passage? What does this teach us about where God is today?
  • Read Matthew 28:20. What does this mean for you today?


Bible reflection 2

BIBLE REFLECTION #2 – What does God say about difficulty?