What are you finding difficult today? Pressure, worry, fear, loneliness, stress…?

We can discover what God says about the things we are finding hard by reading stories about Jesus in the Bible. Jesus shows us exactly what God is like. The Bible has lots of mini books in it – the  books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They show us what Jesus is like, what He does and what matters to Him.

If you feel lonely or unloved, you can find times in the Bible  that Jesus met someone who was left out by others. Take some time to Find out what Jesus said and did for them. Jesus is the same today and will care for you in the same way. You might want to see how Jesus treated the unwell man in John 5:1-9, or how he acted towards Zaccheus in Luke 19:1-10.

Or if you are worried about someone in your family and really want God to help – find out what Jesus did when Jarius was worried about his daughter (Luke 8:40-56), or when Mary and Martha were upset about their brother (John 11:32-36).

 Or if you feel overwhelmed, find out what Jesus did when he faced hardship, and the coping mechanisms he used as well as putting his complete trust in God.  (Mark 14:32-42).

There are lots of stories in the bible about how Jesus spoke into people’s lives, and he wants to speak into your life today and into your difficulty.

These mini-books will help us hear what Jesus says about us, our life situations and our choices. They help us hear what Jesus says about us, as well as things such as love, worry, clothes, money, friendships, lying, cheating, judging others, forgiving, living fully, healing and lots more! 

When we hear what Jesus thinks about us and our life situations, we have heard what God thinks of us and our life situations.

Can we pray for you? If you would like someone to pray for you, we would love to do that. Just follow this link and tell us your first name and what you would like us to pray for.