Getting outside and fresh air can help break a stressed moment. It can help you calm down and gather your thoughts to work out what you are going to do next.

When you get outside notice what is around you – the trees, the clouds, the waves, the rain, the sun. God created this world for us to enjoy (Genesis 1:1). God is bigger than all the things you can see, and able to help you in this moment (Isaiah 45:5-6). This moment will pass, and you will be able to get help. The difficult feelings can be reduced, they can be helped, and they also, can pass.

If you can’t get outside, try opening your curtains and your window to allow the glow of the sunshine and the freshness of the air to flood your space.

Check out our 5 senses exercise to help you refocus your thoughts whilst you are enjoying some fresh air.

Fresh Air 5 Senses Exercise. 5 things you can see; 4 things you can hear; 3 things you can touch; 2 things you can smell; 1 thing you can taste.