We’ve encouraged you to talk to God in moments where you feel overwhelmed or stressed and need help. It is also a really good idea to plan regular times of getting to know God, and talking to Him.

Taking time to read the bible everyday helps you to discover what God is like. Doing this lets you know what God thinks of you, and what is important to Him. It also shows you God’s plan for how we can live really well and be full of life. The more we do this, we will find it easier to cope with difficult things when they happen and we will be quicker to remember that God is there and ready to help us.

You could start by reading the book of Psalms. In the ups and the downs of life, David wrote the book of Psalms as a song book to give thanks to God for His goodness, forgiveness, constant love, presence and power over all (Psalm 145 is just one example of this). Reading a different Psalm each day and highlighting key words or phrases can be a good starting point. Or perhaps you could try taking a section of a Psalm and re-write it in your own words. When we don’t have the words to express to God about how we are feeling, the Psalms are a great place to begin to help us see God’s goodness in full.

Check out some devotional apps for your devices @wordforyoutoday @shereadstruth @hereadstruth. Or an app to help your prayer life like Inner Room from 24/7 Prayer

You might even have a friend who you could read the bible with online together.