You may not feel like having fun, but actually taking a little time to do something you enjoy can help settle your worried mind, or upset heart when you have talked to God or someone else about your feelings.

You will have your own ideas, but here are two of ours!

Blowing Bubbles: Get a packet of bubbles or make some of your own using washing up liquid and water. Spend some time blowing bubbles. You could try and see how big a bubble you can blow. You might want to see how many bubbles you could get in one go.

Laughing: Take a moment to do something which will make you laugh, it might just be a little chuckle or a proper belly laugh! You could find the best joke you can and tell a few people. You could find a YouTube video which makes you laugh every time. Laughing can be good for your body physically, decreasing stress hormones or releasing endorphins the body’s feel good chemicals. It is ok for us to laugh, even when things are really tough.

What do you enjoy doing? Maybe baking a cake, learning a new skill, reading a book, going for a walk? Do something you enjoy today – and do it regularly.