Difficult things may SHAKE us, but we don’t need to stay SHAKEN. God who has seen what has shaken us, is UNSHAKEN.

Starting next week we will be sharing 2 blog posts a week (every Tuesday and Friday) to help your young people stand UNSHAKEN. Each post designed especially for young people – consisting of 20 healthy coping mechanisms to explore and discover, as well as 20 ways to stay tuned into God’s voice. In our blog, there will also be helpful tips, devotionals, stories and advice along the way.

This is FOR young people, and we would love you to share with all the young people you are connected with – we want as many young people to know that when life feels shaken , our God is steady, strong, good and able to help. Why not use these blog posts in your online youth work?

Stay tuned for our first SHAKEN post next Tuesday 31st