Welcome to “Shaken”!
We all feel shaken sometimes. Sometimes tricky things happen and we don’t know what to do, or how we feel. These “Shaken” posts are designed to help you make good choices to live well when life shakes you.

Good and bad days
All of us experience good days and bad days, this is normal! When things feel tricky or difficult, we do things to try and deal with how we are feeling.
The things we do to try and deal with our feelings are called coping mechanisms. There are two types of coping mechanisms. Healthy ones, and unhealthy ones. The healthy ones help us when we are shaken. The unhealthy ones don’t. In fact, they can end up making you feel worse and making life more difficult.
So choosing healthy ways of coping is really important – they will help you live as well as you can no matter what shakes you in life.

These “Shaken” posts are to help you find healthy coping mechanisms that work for you and which help you live well. You are uniquely made and loved by God, and there will be a way for you to uniquely cope with the difficult things in your days. Help and hope are here for you!

Every Tuesday and Friday we will be posting a healthy coping mechanism for you to try out. We will also be adding some practical tips and ideas for you to try, alongside stories about God’s hope and constant help (no matter who we are, or what we might be feeling).