What does The Big House do?  How can we help?

What we do

Our Strategy

(Why we do these things)

young people

live on the island of Ireland
(500,000 in Republic of Ireland
180,000 in Northern Ireland)

20% experience
mental ill-health
6% live with disability
4% are bereaved of
a parent or sibling
13% have self-harmed

68% of registered
youth groups
in N. Ireland
are church or faith-based,
their total membership is over
98,000 young people,
and they involve over
16,000 volunteers

Inspired by our vision, shaped by our values and in pursuit of our mission,

our strategy has two overlapping objectives:

Helping Young People

We can help some young people directly, through programmes that are effective, aren’t available in most churches or youth groups, and can be delivered by a small team. These include our camps, counselling and workshops for young people.

Equipping the Church

We can help many more young people through local churches and youth groups already caring for them. We provide training for leaders, camps and workshops as resources, and support for individual leaders.