If you follow our social media accounts you may have noticed that our ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign didn’t get very far.  Day 4 to be exact.  That’s my fault!  Whoops!

Oh what plans I had!  Twelve inspirational posts talking about #hopeinthedarkness – a theme that comes up in our work time and time again – and there is no better time of year than Christmas to talk about lights in the darkness, as we are surrounded by fairy lights and candles.  Even our Christmas Cards had been designed to match in.

It was also going to help us launch our new blog… it was going to be so beautiful and creative!

I’ll be totally honest and say that there weren’t any technical issues.  I didn’t forget or change my mind about doing the campaign.  I just ran out of steam…

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who crawled over the finish line that was the Christmas holidays with no energy or creativity left, as I certainly wasn’t even the only one in our team.

There is no doubt that things have been very busy here in The Big House recently… but there is nothing unique about this and The Big House isn’t any busier than anywhere else.  There is so much we want to do.  There are so many young people who need our help.  There are so many opportunities coming our way that we want to grab and we want to do all these things excellently.

But, we all live in a busy, busy world.  Maybe it is work, or family, or study, or ministry.  Anyone else feel like you have to keep sprinting just to keep up?

Thankfully we are loved by a God who knows us inside and out.  He knows what we are capable of and He knows what we need.  He knows when we need to push through – when to give us that extra strength and determination to get things done… and He also knows when to give us rest.  When to free us from the expectations and pressures we put on ourselves.

I love the words from Psalm 23 as set out in The Message:

1-3 God, my shepherd!
    I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
    you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word,
    you let me catch my breath
    and send me in the right direction.

Sometimes we just need that moment to ‘catch our breath.’  Whether that is in the midst of busyness, or painful circumstances, or even joyful ones.

So the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ didn’t work out this year – but you know what, I’m not even sorry.  We are still going to push on with this blog.  We are still going to talk about #HopeintheDarkness but this series could last all year in one way or another rather than 12 days.  We are not going to promise a blog every week, but we do promise to keep talking and walking with God.

Our prayer for this blog is that we can share some thoughts that will help whoever reads this.  That we can talk about issues when they come up in the work we are doing or in culture generally, but mostly we pray that this is a place where you can read some honest thoughts from our team about the work we have been called to.  We have already loaded up some articles from the past that we think you will find helpful.

So right now I challenge you to embrace my ‘whoops’ moment.  Set down what you are doing and spend a few minutes (or a whole lot of minutes) resting with God…. (more about that in a blog that will be up in a few weeks)

Sarah 🙂

(I am one of the Big House Programme Workers and the team member who usually posts on our social media channels.)