Helping young people explore difficult issues together – honestly, practically and Biblically.

We can come to your group!

The Big House can come to your youth group and lead a session on a range of subjects to help them and their friends deal with difficult issues they may be experiencing.

Our workshops are:

  • interactive, with games, activity and group discussions
  • Biblical, drawing on the Bible for principles and examples
  • practical, giving young people and youth leaders useful tools they can use
  • relevant, we will discuss the needs of your group as we prepare the session for your group
  • based on the same expertise, experience and research that informs all our programmes


Coping with Difficulty

What can we do when difficult things happen in our lives; when difficult things happen to us, or to someone that we are close to?

No matter what our young people experience, if they find something difficult then it is important that they are able to cope with it well.
This interactive session allows young people to explore various coping mechanisms which may help them, regardless of whatever difficulty they are facing. Together we will discover that healthy coping mechanisms (such as talking to someone we trust, seeking help) are better for us compared to unhealthy coping mechanisms (such as self-harm, isolation and eating disorders).

Through games and discussion, we will also look at what the Bible says about difficulty, and the advice that God has for us to help us get through whatever we are facing. The session can be adapted for mixed, all girl or all boy groups and it is a great starting point for youth leaders who want to delve deeper into these topics in the weeks to follow.


Sometimes how we see ourselves, or who we think we are, can become distorted. Together we want to uncover the truth about our identity and find out who God says we really are.

The Bible tells us that we are all handmade by God (Ephesians 2:10), but sometimes this can be difficult for us to believe. Instead we think, if only I was taller/ shorter/ thinner/ muscular/ smarter/ funnier…
Together in this session we will explore the pictures we paint of ourselves, and compare them to the incredible words that God paints of our identity. We will look to see whether or not the two match up? When we find it difficult to see the picture that God paints of us, what can we do?
In this session, we will turn to the Bible to discover how we can believe these wonderful truths about our identity in Christ, and the things we can do in our everyday lives to help us accept our true value.

Family Relationships
There is no such thing as a perfect family, just real families.

The reality of family life is that it can be good, it can be difficult, it can be fun, it can be complicated, often it’s a mix of all these things, but it’s not perfect. This session explores what God has for us in our experience of family life, drawing on Biblical examples of imperfect families.

Helping Friends
“I’ve got your back” is a session that helps young people to think about how they can be good friends to one another, and how to help a friend when they are facing something difficult. In this session we look at Biblical examples of friendship and work out practically the things that are helpful, and unhelpful in friendship. This session is ideal for Youth Fellowship, BB and GB groups where 30-40 minutes can be given to the topic.